Jeffrey Leoni, Psychologist

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I provide individual and group psychotherapy. Excellent at helping clients feel safe and secure, excellent listener, be able to be heard and understood. Talking about problems and issues, gnerally seek patients as active treatment partners, certified clinical trauma professionals, tainied in EMDR. Extensive knowledge in treating anxiety, trauma, stress.

Can treat using many approaches traditional talk therapy as well as including meditation, holistic, relaxation, and templative approaches. Work to create a safe space for healing. Make tailored treatment plans for each client and work with the patient for best plan. Excellent at providing short term, immediate interventions.

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Greatly reduce thier main symptoms as well as exploring all of the thoughts, emotions, and relationship patterns that are underlying the main presenting issues. Take holistic approach and use this to treat physical, medical problems related to thier psy issues such as pain or trouble sleeping.

About Jeffrey Leoni

Licensed Clinical psychologist-master in social work- certified clinical trauma professional-trained in EMDR- masters in health pschology-multiple clinical settings expierence-work with anxiety depression grief and loss chronic pain and medical issues trained in traditional approach along with mediation, relaxation symatic approaches, trauma treatment, emotional freedom technique to help with managing psychological issues and processing traumatic experiences.

What Can New Clients Expect?

An hour to 90 minutes for in take, why they are in treatment, what they want to get out of treatment, what stressors are going on thier thier life, we create a treatment plan and goals, educated about the stress response and how to use relaxation to decrease this response. given immediate short term techniques to deal with stress and reduce thier symptoms.

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These techniques can be used at home between sessions. This helps patients take an active role into their own treatment. Increase thier confidence to understand and manage thier own issues, symptoms, and stress. Patient is the expert on thier own mental health. Guide and mentor to patient. Give techniques to use and get feedback on what isn’t. Treatment continues to evolve. Helps increase thier self awareness and how they can address the role that the presenting symptoms and concerns and how they can help on getting them to understand and resolve them in a more proactive/adaptive way

What Inspires You?

Seeing people take charge of thier life see positive change in thier life., help give them positive things they can do to get better. heal from thier trauma be an active agent of change for my clients and watch them take charge of thier issues and heal from the traumatic experience.

Seeing clients takes control over thier own psychological health, and find the lasting healing with joy and peace and calm in their lives. Be able to fully live thier lives and engaged in relationships again without fear and full of confiendence.

Live a purposeful and meaningful life after getting to that stage of healing and closure. Give back to the pscyologist to helped me when I was growing up and to help other people the way he helped me. Use skills I learned through him and to share with my clients to help them heal and benefit thier own lives.

Location & Contact

237 Court Street #304B
Reading, PA 19601
(610) 750-9346

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