Jeffrey Leoni, Psychologist

Licensed Clinical Psychologist who also holds a Master’s in Social Work and a Master’s in Health Psychology. Certified Clinical Trauma Professional who is trained in EMDR for PTSD. Experienced in multiple clinical settings, working with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, chronic pain, and medical issues. Trained in traditional approaches, along with meditation, relaxation, systematic approaches, trauma treatment, and emotional freedom technique to help clients manage psychological issues and process traumatic experiences.

Introduction I provide individual and group psychotherapy and excel at helping clients feel safe, secure, heard, and understood. Generally, I seek clients as active treatment partners.

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Using many approaches, including traditional talk therapy, as well as meditation, relaxation, and contemplative approaches, I can treat clients. Creating safe spaces for healing, and tailoring treatment plans for each client to find the best course are my priorities. Also, I excel at providing short-term and immediate interventions. Doing so allows me to greatly reduce a client’s primary symptoms and explore all of their thoughts, emotions, and relationship patterns that underly the main presenting issues. I advocate a holistic approach and use this philosophy to treat physical or medical problems, such as pain or trouble sleeping, related to their psychological issues.

What Inspires You? Seeing people take charge of their lives to find positive changes; serving as an active agent of change for my clients; and helping them heal from their traumatic experiences are all sources of inspiration for me.

My goal is to see clients take control of their psychological health to find lasting healing with joy, peace, and calm in their lives. When clients are able to live fully in their lives and engage in relationships again without fear and full of confidence, our partnership has been successful.

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Why do I do this work? For me, I am giving back to the psychologist who helped me when I was growing up. Using skills with my clients that I learned through him to help them heal and benefit their own lives is my purpose.

What Can New Clients Expect? A new client can expect an hour to 90 minutes for in-take. Why they are interested in treatment, what they want to get out of treatment, and what stressors are going on their life are preliminary questions. We create a treatment plan and goals, and then I educate them about the stress response and how to use relaxation to decrease this response. The client will be advised about immediate short-term techniques to deal with stress and reduce their symptoms.

Location & Contact

237 Court Street #304B
Reading, PA 19601
(610) 750-9346

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