Dotterer Educational Consulting

For educators in both schools and businesses who need students and employees to communicate effectively despite a disability in written expression. Cheri is the dysgraphia expert that delivers practical interventions through professional development so educators and managers can plant the seeds of effective communication and promote awareness, empathy, and responsibility.

At Dotterer Educational Consulting, we use the CROWN Framework to transcend dysgraphia from young writers through adulthood. People with dysgraphia have situations that require increased support, while other days seem to fly by without a problem. We train you to share coping strategies so your students/employees have the best opportunities to express themselves through written communication.

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C — Connecting disability attributes to design effective communication across the lifespan.
R — Rewarding awareness and advocacy for dysgraphia.
O — Owning responsibility for the social-emotional impact imposed on the community by dysgraphia.
W — Wielding empathy and sincerity for people with difficulty writing, no matter their age.
N —Normalizing innovative methods that streamline evaluation, intervention, and outcomes.

What can new clients expect?
I start connections with a consultation call. You can find the contact link at

Parents are getting answers. Teachers and therapists are resolving problems in the classroom. Business Owners – Discover ways to support your employees who have writing problems. Parents – I can help you briefly with IEP/504 questions. Teachers – Get intervention suggestions for the classroom. Therapists – Have you done an evaluation recently, and do you want feedback on the results? I can help! School District – Book Cheri to speak or coach your faculty.

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Location & Contact

Dotterer Educational Consulting
P.O. Box 354
Hamburg, PA 19526
Facebook Group

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