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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Junior Reporter Club

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Learn what it takes to be a local journalist with the Berks Weekly Junior Reporter Club. Perfect for kids 6+, a new assignment is posted each week to report on. Have fun while learning more about the community!

Register today, it's free to join and your welcome to complete assignments on your own schedule.

Become a Junior Reporter

Junior Reporter Club members receive a Junior Press Pass, Journalism 101 resource booklet, and a few fun surprise gifts.

Junior Press Pass

A press pass identifies you as a member of the Berks Weekly Junior Reporter Club. Be sure to wear it while you're on assignment.

Resource Booklet

Not sure how to be journalist? We all had to start somewhere. Our resource guide provides basic terms, how-to's, and more.

Certificate of Achievement

Submit a minimum of one article a month for six months to receive a special certificate of achievement by Berks Weekly.

Assignment: Educators

Week of April 20th: Berks Weekly Junior Reporters are asked to interview a local educators. This can be your own teacher, principle, school administrator, etc... Key questions: What do they like about their job? Why did they choose education as a career? What inspires them to continue teaching?Reminder: Due to COVID-19, we recommended interviewing people via phone or video chat only.

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