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Friday, January 22, 2021

Junior Reporter Club

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Berks County students now have the opportunity to conduct interviews and report on local news with the Berks Weekly Junior Reporter Club. Registration is free an students can complete assignments on their own schedule.

Become a Junior Reporter

Junior Reporter Club members receive a Junior Press Pass, invite to our members only group and a few fun surprise gifts.

Junior Press Pass

A press pass identifies you as a member of the Berks Weekly Junior Reporter Club. Be sure to wear it while you're on assignment.

Facebook Group

Join our Junior Reporters Facebook group to chat with local reporters, assignment ideas, resource guides and more.

Certificate of Achievement

Submit a minimum of one article a month for six months to receive a special certificate of achievement by Berks Weekly.


Junior Reporters are asked to submit at least one article per month. Articles word count 250-400. Submitting a photo is not required, but recommended. Reminder: Due to COVID-19, we recommended interviewing people via phone or video chat only.

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Join the Facebook Group

Join the Berks Weekly Junior Reporter Club Facebook Group for updates and highlights.