Jess Royer Touring Berks with “Coffee with a Candidate” Events


Jess Royer, Democratic candidate for Berks County Commissioner is touring the County with a series he’s calling “Coffee with the candidate”. We caught up with Royer on Sunday at the new Gourmand Cafe in West Reading to learn more about his campaign.

Within his role of librarian at the Reading Public Library, Jess has worked to make information, technology, and educational opportunities more accessible to the Berks County public. As a public servant for Berks County, Jess has learned about and experienced the issues of local critical importance and is ready to take them on with the passion and nuance they deserve.

“I work at the library and see everyday the benefit, and its really important to me that library’s in particular remain an option for people that want a place to go, things to read, and information technology available” said Royer.

Royer feels like were at a political turning point in Berks County. Referencing Berks Heim and Berks County Prison, he talked with a group about the issues surrounding the privatization of both facilities. “Im running to show people I am a champion for those services”.

The campaign will be visiting various cafes and coffee shops throughout Berks County over the course of the campaign, including next weekend (February 10th) at Exeter Family Restaurant, and (Febraury 17th) at Wild Sage in Downtown Reading. More info of the tour can be found at:

With the tour, Royer hopes to offer Berks County voters a casual, open forum to get to know Jess and share his take on local issues. All members of the public are invited to attend these informal events.

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