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Coming soon, launch date: August 1st. - Go beyond the headlines and explore the stories that matter most with the Berks Weekly app. Enjoy exclusive content from local journalists and a seamless mobile experience, allowing you to read, watch, and listen on the go.

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Get instant news updates, live video, user submissions, and interactive AI—all in one app.

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Get notified as news develops. Our reporters monitor public safety channels, traffic, weather and more to keep you informed.

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Watch local news as it happens live! Featuring a theater mode, picture-in-picture popout, and curated playlist for later viewing.

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Citizen journalists and the public can now submit photos, videos, upcoming events or press releases directly in the app.

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An AI-driven chat providing personalized responses and localized insights. Powered by ChatGPT with data from Berks Weekly.

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From local conversation to community events, we deliver original content that keeps you informed and connected with what matters most in your neighborhood.

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Stay connected with our community events calendar, your go-to resource for local happenings, from festivals and fundraisers to cultural events and neighborhood gatherings.

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Explore our local photo gallery, featuring compelling images that highlight the beauty and stories of our community.

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Experience 'Local Conversations,' our exclusive audio series that goes beyond our published articles. Join us as we interview local personalities, offering deeper insights and perspectives on key community topics.