Most Wanted

Do not approach or attempt to apprehend any person that you suspect is wanted. Any wanted person should be considered dangerous.

Berks County Sheriff's Office

Anyone with information on wanted persons should contact the Berks County Sheriff's Office Most Wanted Tip Line at (610) 478-6390 or call the Crime Alert Berks County’s anonymous tip line at 1(877) 373-9913.

Leonard Smarr


DOB: 03/26/1966. 6 feet and 200 pounds. LKA: 1005 Tyler Ave., Collingdale, PA. Police say on 01/25/2022, the defendant Leonard Smarr entered Excitement Video on the 2300 block of Lancaster Pike, Reading, PA 19607 while the business was not open to the public and took several items valued at approximately $2,500 without paying. Smarr is also wanted on a resisting arrest charge filed by the Kutztown Police Dept., a Receiving stolen property charge filed by the Northern Berks Police Dept., and a Theft by unlawful taking charge filed by the Central Berks Police Dept.

Anthony Sako


DOB: 02/09/2000. 5 feet 11 inches and 140 pounds. LKA: 1322 Perkiomen Ave., Reading. Police say Anthony Sako was at his residence with the female victim when he grabbed her by the throat and threw her multiple times against the walls and floor. As the victim attempted to leave Sako punched her several times and then began to choke her while she was laying down. Eventually, the victim lost consciousness for approximately 5 minutes. Sako stated he would kill her and attempted to sexually assault her when she fought back. After some time Sako allowed the victim to leave.

Salomon Garcia-Lopez

Aggravated Indecent Assault of a Child

DOB: 07/14/1961. 5 feet 9 inches and 160 pounds. LKA: 327 South 8th Street, Reading. Police say on 11/26/2018, the Berks County Detectives received a report of suspected child abuse from a 6-year-old female stating she was sexually abused by the defendant Salomon Garcia-Lopez. According to the victim, this abuse happened on multiple occasions. An adult witness confronted Garcia-Lopez and he apologized several times and stated the victim did not lie about the abuse. Garcia-Lopez has been on the run since charges were filed on 05/15/2019.

Roy Rosario-Santiago

Criminal use of a Communication Facility

DOB: 02/23/1985. 5 feet 4 inches and 160 pounds. LKA: 434 Linden St., Reading. The Berks County District Attorneys Detectives filed charges on Rosario-Santiago for felony criminal use of a communication facility to deliver heroin/fentanyl in the city of Reading, PA. The defendant also has felony retail theft charges filed by the Exeter Police Department for two separate theft incidents in their jurisdiction.

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Michael Olmo Jr.


DOB: 05/31/1995. 5 feet 7 inches and 150 pounds. LKA: 45 Colin Court, Reading. Police say on 2/17/2022, the defendant Michael Olmo Jr. was working as a shift manager at Arbys restaurant on the 4000 block of Penn Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA when he began yelling at the victim. After an argument between the defendant and victim, Olmo began to punch the victim in the face approximately 5 times with both fists. The victim fell to the ground while the defendant Olmo punched her for a final time in the back of the head. Olmo then grabbed the victim by the throat and began to threaten her while taking her cell phone from her. Olmo fled the scene after the assault.

Charles Riddick


DOB: 02/06/1996. 5 feet 8 inches and 200 pounds. LKA: 332 Berwick Court, Reading. Police say on 11/29/2021, the Exeter Township Police Department met with the victim at her residence. The victim stated that the defendant Riddick just struck her in the face, choked her, and took her keys before fleeing the residence. The victim said she got into an argument with her boyfriend Riddick when he struck her multiple times in the face while choking her. Riddick then proceeded to drag her around the residence by her arms and throat. Riddick then took the keys to the victim's vehicle and drove away.

Bernard White


DOB: 10/29/1983. 6 feet 1 inch and 200 pounds. LKA: 218 North Front Street, Reading. Defendant Bernard White entered the female victim's house and shoved the victim to the ground. The defendant then left prior to the police arriving. After the police left the residence the defendant came back to the residence and wrapped both hands around the victim's neck while pushing her face into the couch cushions so that she could not breathe. The victim was eventually able to get away from White and flee the area.

Samantha Silfies

Simple Assault

DOB: 11/19/1989. 5 feet 3 inches and 200 pounds. LKA: 1010 West Bridge St., Spring City. Muhlenberg Township Police Department was dispatched to the Target Store for a parent hitting her child. Upon making contact with Silfies and her 2-year-old child the suspect told police she “popped” her child in the mouth. Officers saw blood on the child’s shirt, an abrasion on her right cheek, and bruising on her forehead.

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Scott Faust

Sexual Abuse of Children

DOB: 02/10/1983. 6 feet and 180 pounds. LKA: 2448 Cumberland Ave., Reading. On October 10th, 2019, a Bench Warrant was issued for Scott Faust for failure to appear on a status hearing for charges of sexual abuse of children and child pornography. Faust missed his court date on 10/9/19.

Israel Quinones

Rape of a Child

DOB: 06/28/1969. 5 feet 7 inches and 250 pounds. LKA: 1030 Pear St., Reading. Between the dates of 8/4/2014 and 8/3/2017 while the 10-year-old victim’s mother was at work the defendant Quinones raped the victim while babysitting her. The incident occurred at a residence in the City of Reading, PA

Andreyna Dishmey-Roman

Endangering the Welfare of Children

DOB: 08/01/1995. 6 feet and 220 pounds. LKA: 912 Amity St., Reading. On 01/03/2020, the defendant Dishmey-Roman put her 6 year old child’s hand over a hot open flame stove to feel the heat to teach the child a lesson. The child had two burn marks on her right wrist as a result of this incident. A Berks County Detective responded to the location of the incident at 1000 block of North 8th St., Reading, PA where the defendant admitted to burning the child as a punishment.

Nkosi Blissett


DOB: 05/02/2002. 5 feet 11 inches and 150 pounds. LKA: 1257 Spruce St., Reading. Defendant Blissett met with the victim to sell two watches and two cell phones after making arrangements on Facebook. When the victim met Blissett and looked at the items for sale he thought they might’ve been stolen. Before the victim could say anything Blissett removed a firearm from his waist and pointed at the victim's chest. Blissett then forcefully took $1,500 cash, two iPhones, and Apple Air pods from the victim.

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Barsheem Johnson

Aggravated Assault

DOB: 04/01/1980. 6 feet 1 inch and 210 pounds. Defendant Johnson got into a fight with the victim. As the victim tried to flee Johnson pulled his firearm out and shot the victim in the hand. Johnson is prohibited from owning or carrying a firearm due to multiple felony convictions in the state of New York.

Ricardo Sanchez-Laporte

Aggravated Assault

DOB: 03/02/1980. 5 feet 9 inches and 220 pounds. LKA: 342 Wood Street, Reading. Defendant Sanchez-Laporte drove the victim against her will. As the victim escaped from the vehicle Sanchez chased and pulled her by her hair. He then slammed her body onto a concrete slab and proceeded to stomp and kick her. The victim continued to attempt to flee and Sanchez continued to beat her while holding her mouth as she screamed for help. Sanchez also told the victim he was going to “kill her”. After the assault, the victim was left with multiple injuries including hearing loss, several bruises, and a concussion.

Michael Sell

Failure to register as a sex offender

DOB: 01/05/1978. 5 feet 11 inches and 230 pounds. Michael Sell failed to appear for address verification with the PA State Police. Sell has no reported phone number or address which is in violation of his requirements as a sex offender in the state of PA. Sell also has a state parole warrant for noncompliance.

William Sevilla Martinez

Aggravated Assault

DOB: 06/02/1979. 5 feet 8 inches and 130 pounds. Defendant grabbed a female victim by the throat for approximately one minute. The victim fought with the defendant until he eventually let go. Reading police officers observed marks on the victim's throat when they arrived.

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Nestor Poupal Jr.

Indecent Assault with a Person Less Than 13 Years Old

DOB: 05/10/1984. 5 feet 7 inches and 185 pounds. LKA: 2538 Kutztown Road, Reading. Muhlenberg Township Police Department received a complaint from a female stating her daughter was sexually assaulted by the defendant Poupal Jr. Poupal videotaped the child while she was in the shower and made indecent contact with her. There were many other incidents as well with Poupal making indecent contact with the juvenile victim including videotaping the Juvenile in the bathroom.

Reinerio Velazco-Mena

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

DOB: 11/29/1971. 5 feet 7 inches and 175 pounds. LKA: 910 Mount Laurel Ave., Temple. On November 19th, 2019, a warrant was issued for Velazco-Mena for knowingly failing to register as a sex offender with the PA State Police as required by law. He is also wanted on a probation violation for charges of Abuse of Children which was issued on April 11th, 2018.

Jason Wentz

Attempted Homicide

DOB: 01/17/1981. 6 feet 5 inches and 240 pounds. LKA: 540 Lancaster Ave., Reading. On September 9th, 2019, the defendant Wentz went to the victims residence of 1559 Moss St. in Reading, PA with a handgun and knocked on the door. When the victim answered the door Wentz pistol-whipped him. Wentz and the victim struggled over the gun and the victim was shot in the back. Wentz was identified by the victim and the victims girlfriend who was present. Wentz also has a Felony Bench Warrant on charges of Fleeing to elude a police officer.

Michael Baxter

Home Improvement Fraud

DOB: 10/05/1982. 5 feet 11 inches and 230 pounds. LKA: 237 Rose Street, Reading. On 10/18/19, the defendant Baxter received a payment to do contracting work on the victims house for $500.00. He had since cashed the check, but never did the contracting work. The victim tried numerous times to contact Baxter, but failed to make contact.

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Wilbert Perez-Hernandez

Possession of a controlled substance (K-2)

DOB: 01/11/1989. 5 feet 11 inches and 190 pounds. LKA: 641 Bingaman Street, Reading. On 4/4/2018, the defendant Perez-Hernandez was found in possession of synthetic marijuana (K-2) by the Reading Police Department. He also has a Probation Warrant for a resisting arrest charge and another new charge of possession of a controlled substance

Samuel Gomez

Simple Assault

DOB: 09/24/1995. 5 feet 9 inches and 125 pounds. LKA: 420 Linden Street, Reading. On 03/22/2019, the defendant Gomez did punch the female victim in the face resulting in a laceration in her mouth and swelling to her face. Gomez also assaulted another female by pushing her the ground causing a knee injury to the victim.

Jansel Abreu

Aggravated Assault

DOB: 04/08/1989. 6 feet 2 inches and 180 pounds. LKA: 362 W. Greenwich Street, Reading. On 01/19/2019, the defendant Abreu was in the area of 11th and Elm Street in Reading, PA when he shot two victims during a fight. The shooting was caught on surveillance video.

Jaime Romero

Simple Assault

DOB: 12/29/1988. 5 feet 5 inches and 145 pounds. LKA: 905 Buttonwood Street, Reading. On 03/15/2019, the defendant Romero struck his wife in the mouth causing her to fall to the ground. Romero struck her with an unknown object causing multiple cuts to her head. Romero fled the scene when police were called.

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Garrett Compton

Theft by Deception

DOB: 08/15/1991. 5 feet 7 inches and 150 pounds. LKA: 560 Welsh Road, Huntingdon Valley. On 08/15/2018, the defendant Compton did forge a check in the victim’s name for the amount of $2,101.05 and attempted to cash the check at an M&T bank located in Sinking Spring, PA.

Tarek Ahmed Ahmed

Theft by Unlawful Taking

DOB: 09/07/1970. 6 feet and 160 pounds. LKA: 13 West Main Ave., Myerstown. On 10/27/2018, the defendant Ahmed did unlawfully take $40,000 dollars cash belonging to the Nitro gas station in Tulpehocken township without permission. Ahmed was seen on video surveillance taking customers cash and putting it up his sleeves. He would then take cash from the lottery register and give change to the customers from that register.

Matthew Rue


DOB: 03/15/1995. 6 feet and 150 pounds. LKA: 538 Walnut Street, Reading. On September 25th, 2018, the defendant Rue did fail to appear for a disposition hearing for charges of Burglary, Criminal Trespass, and theft by unlawful taking. A Bench Warrant was issued by the Criminal Courts Judge on 9/26/18.

Stephen Crammer

Identity Theft

DOB: 07/01/1992. 6 feet and 170 pounds. LKA: 2 Hawthorne Lane, Hamburg. On 3/11/18, the Laureldale police responded to a vehicle accident at the 3700 block of Kutztown Rd., Reading, PA. When they arrived the driver was out of the vehicle. When police asked the driver for his driver’s license. The defendant gave a false name and was using a stolen driver’s license of someone else. Crammer had a suspended license at the time of the accident.

Do not approach or attempt to apprehend any person that you suspect is wanted. Any wanted person should be considered dangerous. Anyone with information on wanted persons should contact the Berks County Sheriff's Office Most Wanted Tip Line at (610) 478-6390 or call the Crime Alert Berks County’s anonymous tip line at 1(877) 373-9913.