Fairview Christian School leads ‘Trash-a-Thon’ cleanup initiative in Reading

On a crisp and sunny Wednesday, volunteers participated in an impressive joint effort aimed at rejuvenating the community. The City of Reading and Fairview Christian School proudly hosted a Trash-a-Thon Cleanup Day, an event that brought together over 100 enthusiastic volunteers to make a positive impact.

Trash-a-Thon Cleanup Day was more than just a cleaning initiative; it was a testament to the dedication of the volunteers and the desire to enhance the cleanliness and vitality of the City of Reading. Volunteers tackled litter and debris, working diligently on sidewalks, streets, and parks, with the common goal of transforming Reading into a cleaner, more attractive place for residents and visitors alike.

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Leading a group of student volunteers around South 10th and Franklin Streets was parent Jonathan Martin. “As part of a school in the city, we feel like it’s important to get out in the city and keep our streets clean, showing others it’s a good way to live, good way to act, and to be part of the community” he said.

Within a few hours, Martin says his group covered several city block filling about 10 large trash bags. He also noted they found other items like TVs and couches, which they marked for removal at a later time.

“It’s about taking pride in your home and your community. I think if we all do our part, we can inspire other people do the same thing.”

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The significance of this cleanup effort extended beyond mere aesthetics. A cleaner City of Reading is vital for the economic and social well-being of Berks County. It’s a reflection of the unity and commitment of the community, showing that when residents come together, they can achieve remarkable results.

One of the primary objectives of the event was to inspire other churches, schools, clubs, and non-profit organizations to actively participate in the rejuvenation of Reading. By taking the initiative to clean up their community, Fairview Christian School and its partners hoped to set an example for others to follow.

This event had a dual purpose, as it was also a fundraising opportunity for Fairview Christian School students. They sought sponsors to support their mission trips and student activities, making Trash-a-Thon Cleanup Day a win-win for the entire community. In addition to contributing to a cleaner city, sponsors had the satisfaction of knowing they were helping the youth of Reading pursue their educational and charitable goals.

Two dumpsters were conveniently stationed at Pandora Park, near the basketball courts, making the disposal of collected trash a breeze for the volunteers.

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