Heyday Athletic Comes to Berks County

Written by Emily Fitzpatrick Kenniston.


​Ask young adults the best way to combine fitness with fun, and you are likely to receive the same answer from many: sports. For amateurs and talented athletes alike, there are few things as simultaneously relaxing and beneficial than meeting up with good friends to spend some time bonding as a team while pursuing an athletic goal. With that in mind, Heyday Athletic is excited to bring that sense of camaraderie, excitement, and good old fashioned fun to residents of Berks County.

​Since 1993, Heyday Athletic has provided high-quality sports leagues, tournaments, and events in the greater Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, and West Chester regions, as well as in North Jersey and Delaware (source: heydayathletic.com/about).

Tim Horan, one of the founding partners of Heyday, shared that everything the company offers is focused on creating amazing athletic experiences for young professionals.

“Our core demographic is young professionals ages 25-35, but we will allow any adult ages 18-60 to play,” he said, noting that the team sports offered are flag football, soccer, kickball, softball, and grass volleyball, and eventually he hopes to partner with a local restaurant and start a corn hole league as well.

​When the opportunity arose to expand Heyday Athletic to Berks County, Mr. Horan jumped at the possibility of expanding to the Reading area and collaborating with the once-vibrant young professionals scene that we have here.

“We believe there is an opportunity now to reintroduce sports to young professionals in the area; to mentor them and resuscitate the once-vibrant Greater Reading Young Professionals group. When the Big Show Sports Complex [in Leesport] became available to rent, we jumped at the chance,” he said.

“We visited Big Show in January, and fell in love with it.” The grand opening of the Berks County chapter of Heyday Athletic is slated for April 15, and Mr. Horan emphasized that the time to sign up to participate is now! “We need four teams of approximately 10-12 people each to start a league…that is our goal.”

He also shared that every player receives a color-coordinated team jersey, and has the opportunity to enjoy discounted drinks and food at participating sponsor bars. “Socializing is just as important as playing the sport,” said Mr. Horan.

“Our greatest marketing tool [as a company] is word of mouth: you play ball, you go to a sponsored bar or restaurant wearing our shirts, and you promote us there.” He also shared that through Heyday’s many years of operation, many people have formed lasting friendships with people they met on a team…there have even been quite a few marriages!

​If you weren’t convinced to sign up to be a part of a team already, perhaps the best part of joining a team at Heyday Athletic is the affordability: the typical cost to participate in a 7 week season is usually around $65/$75 dollars per player! There are six seasons per year, so players have the opportunity to continue burning off steam, getting some exercise, and having a blast with their teammates year-round.

Additionally, Heyday provides fun excursions and outings for their players, providing busing to events such as Phillies games.

​As the entire team at Heyday Athletics looks to the future here in Berks County, Mr. Horan is excited and optimistic. “This has been my passion since the fall of 1998–I love to build; I love to start from scratch,” he shared. “I’d love to have a conversation this time and next year and see how it’s grown.”

​For more information, visit heydayathletic.com

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Heyday Athletic provides high quality rec sports leagues, tournaments and social events for more than 50,000 adults all over the Greater Philadelphia area, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, and New Jersey.