Jump into 2024: Nova Trampoline Park set to open in Reading next year

Written by Emily Fitzpatrick Kenniston


Childhood-a time of making magical memories with family and friends, the kind of memories that stir feelings of nostalgia and joy in even the oldest of souls. Playtime, the essential “work” of childhood, manifests itself in countless ways and forms, but perhaps few toys evoke a greater sense of fond reminiscence than a beloved classic: the trampoline.

What was once a staple of backyards, the humble trampoline has completed an exciting metamorphosis over the last several years, and now spans a lucrative industry comprised of indoor theme parks dedicated to its perennial appeal to children and adults alike. While there are many trampoline park franchises from which discerning parents can choose, Nova Trampoline Park creates an experience that stands out from the competition.

There are currently branches of the Nova Trampoline Park franchise operating in New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, and Wyoming, Pennsylvania, but Berks County residents will be especially excited to learn that a new park is scheduled to be opened in Reading in mid-2024.

3D Rendering of Trampoline Park

“We are hopeful that the park will be opened by either next May or next June,” shared Jun Wang, the broker and manager of the future Reading location. He shared that this area appealed to Nova’s owners due to their research on current business trends. “The Reading population is such a great population,” he said, noting that the planned location of the Reading franchise will be at 3045 N Fifth Street Highway.

While there are many ways that Nova Trampoline Parks provide an elevated experience as compared to their competitors, perhaps it is the owners’ dedication to each and every location of their franchise that sets them apart the most.

“Our management system is all hand-picked by the owners themselves,” said Mr. Wang. “[All new staff members] are trained for two months, and [from there] the owners hand-pick who the managers will be [at each location]. It’s not a hands-off franchise. The owners are constantly [in their parks themselves] to see what the current trends are, and are constantly changing [the parks’] activities. There is a constant evolution with the times.” He also shared that the physical locations of each franchise are also carefully vetted.

While trampoline parks provide an exceptional way for children of all ages to have fun on any day, they are becoming increasingly popular as a one-stop-shop, all-inclusive party-planning option for parents.

According to Mr. Wang, Nova locations offer all standard event packages (such as birthday parties), as well as special events during the holidays, and summer vacation jump packages (which are sure to be popular with parents!). Additionally the schedule for the future Reading location has been carefully curated to prioritize children’s school schedules, so parents can rest assured that the park’s hours of operation won’t be a distraction to their child(ren)’s academic endeavors.

Newly opened Wyoming, PA location

“We want to incorporate having fun at Nova with [the importance of] school schedules,” shared Mr. Wang, noting that the planned schedule for the Reading Nova Trampoline Park location is currently 3-10 PM on Monday-Thursday, 12-11 PM on Fridays (to accommodate parents whose children may have a half-day from school on that day), 10 AM-11 PM on Saturday, and 10 AM-10 PM on Sundays.

As a new franchise in the pre-existing world of trampoline parks, Nova’s origin story is one that will most likely resonate with us all: the idea for the parks was conceived as a way to combat some of the effects that the pandemic has had on children.

“Nova was created after Covid, as a way to get kids away from the TV,” shared Mr. Wang. Everyone old enough to remember the collective trauma endured over the last three years knows the feeling of desperation to safely be having fun outside, around others, and away from screens…and Nova was designed to be a safe space to do all of that—together.

The future Reading location of the Nova Trampoline Park franchise is excited to welcome everyone to come have some fun, make some friends, and bounce into some amazing memories in 2024. And—whether you are a kid, or a kid at heart—that is something we can all be excited about.

For more information about Nova Trampoline Parks, visit their website at novawyoming.com (Wyoming location; Reading website coming soon!), or visit their social media accounts: Instagram, Wyoming location: (instagram.com/novawyomingpa), and Facebook, Wyoming location: (facebook.com/NovaTrampolineParkWyoming). Reading social media accounts coming soon!

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At Nova Trampoline Park, we have activities for all ages! Get your game on at the arcade, or swim around in the foam pit. Be sure to bounce on down to the trampolines and test your balance on the rope course. There's no age limit for fun!