Rachel Conrad: Helping women of all ages rediscover their beauty through artful photography

Written by Mackenzie Coombs


Photographer Rachel Conrad knows what it takes to get the perfect shot. Owner of Grey Girl Photography, Conrad specializes in photographing women, their loved ones, and personal branding. She also offers creative and conceptual sessions for children and adults.

Conrad is a creative soul. Over the years, she refined her photographic style and continues to hone her craft. “I consider myself a sculpter as well as a photographer. During a shoot, I concentrate on shaping the body to where it looks most flattering” said Conrad. Her team also consists of a photography assistant and a professinal hair and makeup artist. She started taking pictures as a child and decided to start her photography business full time in February of 2020.

In December of 2021, Conrad received her Associate level accreditation for her work from The International Portrait Masters. She continues to win awards for her portraits. Her creative work has also won awards and has been featured in exhibitions at the Goggle Works Center for the Arts in Reading and the Banana Factory in Bethlehem to name a few.

“I offer a relaxing and unique experience while creating gorgeous portraits and heirloom products that are treasured for generations” says Conrad. Want to hear more about the experience? It all starts with a Zoom consultation with Conrad where she and the client get acquainted and plan out all of the details of the shoot.

“The first thing I always ask a client is, ‘How do you want to be photographed?’”. Conrad assists with wardrobe selection, hair and makeup choices and offers her creative advice. She also talks to the client about what they are looking for as far as products that interest them most. While in the studio, clients are treated as a “queen for the day”. Though the rest of the details you will have to experience for yourself.

Grey Girl Photography’s products are unique and luxurious! From lovely matted prints, to gorgeous wooden folio boxes. The wooden window folio boxes are by far the most popular choice among her clientele.

Not only do the folio boxes offer a beautiful way to store your matted prints, but also acts as a picture frame! You can change out the front image as often as you like, while your other images and usb (with the digitals) are safely kept inside. They also have wall art for every style of home. From traditional framed canvases, to metal and acrylic prints for a more modern design.

At the moment, Conrad is focused on her 40 Over Forty Project. She is looking for women 39 and up, with a goal of diminishing negative self-talk and outlooks women have as they get older. She wants to use this project to inspire women to be proud of themselves, their bodies, and their accomplishments. Conrad wants mature women of all body types, skin tones, and backgrounds to be heard, seen and celebrated.

“We all have a lens that we use when we look at ourselves in the mirror. The older we get and the more we go through, the dustier and scratched up our lens becomes. The images that I create show who you are, and how you look through the lens of the ones that love you” said Conrad.

Conrad says she draws inspiration from her clients. “My goal is to continue to take the best pictures that you have ever seen of yourself.” To grow the business one “feel good” session at a time, she wants to continue creating projects to celebrate and uplift the community.

“Grey Girl Photography is so much more than photographs. It’s about the experience; it’s about you. It’s about making you feel comfortable and when finished, you walk out feeling empowered and more confident than you ever have.” Conrad added, “you don’t have to be ‘photogenic’ or know what to do in front of a camera. That’s my job to guide you every step of the way.”

For more information about booking with Grey Girl Photography, contact Rachel at (610) 685-8400 or visit her website at GreyGirlPhotography.com.

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