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Article by Phyllis McLaughlin


Healthy living has been a part of life for as long as 35-year-old entrepreneur Rachel Eskin can remember. For the past twenty years she has had her finger on the pulse of this lifestyle as a Yogi, a vegetarian, and an advocate for health and wellness. Born and raised in Berks County, and a graduate of Wilson High School, she went on to earn a degree from West Chester University in Marketing.

She later took on a position as Director of Sales for a hair care product company which led her on a business trip to Florida. It was here that she first tried a salt room experience to help alleviate the seasonal allergies that she suffered from at the time.

To Rachel’s amazement, the therapy was miraculous, and she was completely inspired by the results. She realized upon her return to Berks County that there was nothing like salt therapy available here. Two years later, in March of 2018, she opened The Salt Lounge.

“I read and researched the business for a year. I visited every salt room in three states and consulted closely with the Salt Therapy Association.”

As I walked through the front doors of The Salt Room, Rachel’s work to create a relaxing and therapeutic spa atmosphere had an immediate impact. The soft music and tranquil spaces beckon visitors to relax and indulge in a peaceful and healthy experience.

Rachel Eskin, owner of The Salt Lounge

Padding through the tour in bare feet, Rachel explains what The Salt Room offers. “Our main treatment is Therapeutic Salt Therapy. The treatment comes from the air, and it essentially serves as a toothbrush for the lungs,” she explains.

“It is good for post colds or, if you are getting a cold, anything respiratory. The therapy also helps with skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.”

The spa has two salt rooms, one which can host up to eight guests, one private salt room, and a “quiet lounge”, and a reception area/boutique. The floors of each salt room are covered with several inches of salt imported from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan.

This salt is hailed around the world for its therapeutic qualities and serves as the basis for the salt room concept. Soothing soft décor and low lighting create the perfect tranquil environment to partake in the many experiences that guests can choose from.

Guests relax in the private salt room.

“We offer acupuncture, yoga, breathing meditation, and Pilates classes for both adults and children. We also offer mindfulness meditation for teens and tweens. There are lots of classes for up to eight people in a group.”

In addition to the traditional salt therapy services, Rachel offers reflexology, reiki, and massage therapy featuring their signature heated salt stone massage. Headphones with relaxing music, and 7-minute guided meditations are also provided to further enhance the experience.

There is more for guests to indulge in before and after the therapy of their choice. A beautifully decorated “quiet lounge” is available to clients for relaxing, and simply hanging out, complete with a variety of tea, coffee, and water to sip while they relax, or read. Checking out at the reception area is not complete without perusing the boutique filled with a variety of salt bath products, salt lamps, and lots of meditation chocolates so guests can carry some of their experience along home.

As we complete our tour, I ask Rachel how The Salt Lounge has been received in the community. “So far, so good” she replies.

“I’ve been doing so much talking and educating about the benefits of salt therapy. Hopefully people will see the results and tell others about it. Each spring is a disaster with allergies, and salt therapy is very effective with allergies and respiratory issues. The anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial aspects of salt therapy are very beneficial. We have several clients with COPD and cystic fibrosis. Clients with skin issues also report improved conditions with consistent therapy. I want people to think of self-care when they think of The Salt Lounge. Treat yourself; unplug on a regular basis.”

You can learn more about The Salt Lounge by visiting or The Salt Lounge is located at 4 Wellington Blvd. Wyomissing, Pa. 19610.

Article by Phyllis McLaughlin.

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