Known for several years as the Northeast Berks Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Lori B. Donofrio-Galley recently stepped down from her role at the chamber to pursue her passion, starting a public relations and consultant business.

Founding The Right Angle Strategic Storytelling LLC, Donofrio-Galley plans to make businesses or nonprofit organizations visible through strategic storytelling, elevating brand identity, and revealing the human identity behind brands, all to attract and engage clientele or supporters.

“For the past 23 years as a nonprofit executive, I have catalyzed a personal passion to leverage connections and cultivate resources using innovative strategies to raise the visibility of an organization” said Donofrio-Galley.

”The creative public relations strategies and tools I have employed to build nonprofit capacity can be applied to business to achieve parallel successes.”

Before entering the nonprofit sector, Donofrio-Galley gained professional experience as a writer, editor, researcher, and instructor.

Through her new business, Donofrio-Galley recommends a tested approach that relies on the skills of investigative journalism.

Working methodically with her clients, Donofrio-Galley said she will conduct an “investigation” of the business or nonprofit as a precursor to designing a public relations plan.

Following this method, Donofrio-Galley will advise, and among other strategies, leveraging the powerful tool of storytelling to connect with new audiences, strengthen rapport with existing audiences, and distinguish a business or nonprofit from its competitors.

“Finding your point of connection—your 90 degrees of opportunity—has never been more vital than in our post-pandemic business climate,” noted Donofrio-Galley.

Donofrio-Galley can be reached at her website:, and also mentioned she is offering prospective clients a free 30-minute phone consultation to determine if an organization is a good fit.

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