Sugar Shack Candy Bar reopens at new location in downtown Reading

Looking for a sweet treat to satisfy your cravings? Look no further than Sugar Shack Candy Bar! Whether it’s classic treats or creative confections, candy shops offer a wide variety of sugary delights. You will find something to please every palate at the candy shop, whether you’re looking for nostalgic childhood treats or indulging in a new flavor adventure.

“Candy is my guilty pleasure. Growing up, I wanted to run my own candy store! Actually, I was running one in Florida, and learned the ins and outs of how to run the business,” Joey said, the owner of Sugar Shack Candy Bar.

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Joey and Michelle are the dynamic duo behind the candy business, and they have faced their fair share of challenges. Just four weeks ago, disaster struck when a fire broke out at their previous location in Northwest Reading. This left them without a storefront and nowhere to sell their sweet treats.

In spite of the setback, the determined partners refused to give up. They were fortunate to find a new location for their candy store in the former Reading Bus Terminal. Using creativity and hard work, they created a delightful candy land.

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“We’ve seen more foot traffic here than we did at the other location. It’s the customers and the people that we meet that make this business all worth it! We’re thankful for that. We want to implement something every month as our way of giving back to the community,” Joey said, expressing that the Reading community must stick together in order to succeed.

With the grand opening happening recently, the candy shop offers a whimsical and immersive experience for visitors, with colorful displays and mouth-watering aromas that awaken the senses. Customers can’t help but feel like they’ve been transported to a world of pure imagination as they browse the colorful displays and sample the various candies.

“With the ideas we have and not having a place like this in the inner city, we think that this is a step in the right direction. We want people to come from all over to visit our new location. It’s going to have the wow factor and we just want the public to see what we’ll become!” Michelle said, in awe of what the business will come to be.

Unfortunately, big corporations have ruled over the candy business for years. The experience associated with visiting a local candy shop has become foreign to the new generation. For a child, the candy shop was a magical wonderland, a place where their dreams of indulging in sweet treats came true. The experience of being surrounded by so many delightful candies was one that they would always remember and cherish. What Joey and Michelle are doing is bringing this sense of wonder back to the community.

“We want to connect with people, have a good time, and give them the best experience. The people in it make this city great, and without them, we wouldn’t be here.”

Your sweet tooth may draw you to the Sugar Shack Candy Bar, but once inside you’ll find more than just candy. The shop also sells a variety of delicious chocolates, hand scooped ice cream, made to order funnel cake, cotton candy and fresh popcorn.

If you’re looking to go back to your childhood or satisfy your sweet tooth, visit the Sugar Shack Candy Shop! There is something truly magical about the experience. It’s a place to create lasting memories and enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience. 

Don’t miss your chance for some sweet treats and a glimpse of small business resilience! The Sugar Shack Candy Bar is located at 249 Penn Street in downtown Reading, hours are Monday through Saturday 8am to 9pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm.

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