City of Reading launches CRIZ Working group for economic revitalization

The City of Reading unveiled the City Revitalization and Improvement Zone (CRIZ) Appointment Working Group, a strategic initiative aimed at fostering economic growth and community development.

The announcement was made Tuesday afternoon during a press conference at City Hall. The work group brings together community leaders, business representatives, and local stakeholders, in collaboration with city officials, to identify and implement strategic projects aligning with CRIZ objectives.

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Mayor Eddie Morán, in a passionate statement, highlighted the significance of CRIZ as a tool to channel resources into designated areas, fostering development, creating jobs, and enhancing residents’ quality of life. Mayor Morán commended the collaborative effort that positioned the city for a CRIZ designation, currently under consideration by the state legislature.

“Through hard work, my administration, along with our partners, we have positioned ourselves as a leading municipality to be awarded a CRIZ designation,” said Morán, emphasizing the need to be prepared and proactive in maximizing the impact of this state-sponsored initiative.

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Among the appointments are Peter Rye, CEO of Brentwood Industries, Debra Millman, President of the Greater Berks Development Fund and Marisol Torres, a local real estate associate broker. These individuals, along with other dedicated members, stand ready to bring their wealth of experience and commitment to the table, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that defines the CRIZ initiative.

State Rep. Manny Guzman, instrumental in the legislative efforts, expressed hope for the City of Reading’s future, recognizing the groundwork laid by Senator Judy Schwank. Guzman emphasized the importance of preparation, stating, “If and when the City of Reading gets a CRIZ, I want to make sure that the city is putting its best foot forward.”

Highlighting the role of the CRIZ working group, Guzman outlined responsibilities, including creating the designated zone and ensuring transparency in the application process. “Reading’s best days are ahead of us!” he exclaimed, envisioning the CRIZ as a platform for the city’s economic transformation.

Senator Judy Schwank echoed the sentiment, envisioning Reading as a frontrunner in utilizing the CRIZ program. She recognized the collaborative efforts with various stakeholders, including City Council, the mayor, state representatives, and business leaders. Senator Schwank emphasized the inclusivity of the initiative, welcoming participation from small businesses and local developers.

“I truly believe that it will be a game-changer for Reading,” said Schwank, expressing excitement and confidence in the city’s ability to leverage the CRIZ as a foundational tool for positive change.

As the CRIZ Appointment Working Group takes shape, the City of Reading stands at the threshold of a transformative opportunity. The dedication of community leaders and stakeholders, as highlighted by Mayor Morán, State Rep. Guzman, and Senator Schwank, sets the stage for a collaborative and prosperous future.

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Jason Hugg
Jason Hugg
Editor and photographer at Berks Weekly.
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