Photo Courtesy of the County of Berks. Workers in Pod A open the outer envelope of ballots with the envelope slicer.

Berks County Election Services has updated its unofficial election results to now include the provisional and military/overseas votes.

Out of the 202 election precincts, 207,998 ballots were cast out of the 272,192 total registered voters. Overall, Berks County saw a 76.42% voter turnout rate on November 3rd.

The results can be viewed by race, grand total report, precinct report and a voter turnout report.

The voter turnout report gives the breakdown of how many of the votes were cast in-person, how many were mail-in and how many were provisionals.

The public can view the updated reports and results here:

The results include the mail-in ballots that were received from after 8pm on Election Day until 5pm Nov. 6, and were postmarked by Nov. 3rd.

Officials say postmarked ballots have been included in the results based on the current court ruling and guidance from the state.

According to a statement by the County, they will remove the votes from the results if there are further rulings or guidance from the state.

Now that the County of Berks has completed the canvass of votes cast, the five day review period has begun. The Election Board is expected to meet to certify the results on November 25th.

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