Berks County witnesses spectacular partial solar eclipse

Residents of Berks County were treated to a celestial spectacle as a partial solar eclipse graced the skies, captivating spectators for 2 hours and 27 minutes. While not within the path of totality, the eclipse offered a breathtaking display, with 90% of the sun obscured by the moon at its peak.

The celestial event began at approximately 2:07 pm local time, gradually building anticipation as the moon made its slow journey across the sun’s radiant surface. At the pinnacle of the eclipse, which occurred around 3:22 pm, observers were treated to a remarkable sight as the moon cast its shadow, obscuring a significant portion of the sun’s brilliance.

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Despite the absence of totality, residents across Berks County flocked to vantage points equipped with specialized viewing glasses and cameras, eager to witness the rare cosmic alignment firsthand.

The day was not without its challenges as clouds rolled across the region Monday morning into the afternoon. The cloudy weather made it difficult to see the eclipse at times, but those who waited patiently had plenty of opportunities to enjoy the celestial event.

Families gathered at the Reading Public Museum for a special eclipse celebration. Held in the planetarium, the event featured space science activities, crafts, and captivating demonstrations before attendees gathered outside to witness the eclipse.

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The eclipse drew widespread attention on social media platforms, with individuals sharing photographs and videos of the eclipse’s progression, documenting the momentous occasion.

The next total solar eclipse that can be seen from the contiguous United States will be on August 23, 2044.

Did you get a picture of the eclipse? Share it with us on Facebook! See more local photos of the eclipse on social media.

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